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interior color consultation_ShenweiDesig


Color Consultation


If you are inspired by the various colors used in our projects but not sure how they will look like in your own place or which items to apply on, the Color Consultation package is designed for you.


After the first conversation over the phone or through emails, our approach to comprehensive color palette building begins with an in-person meeting at your place, which will help us understand your specific needs and visions regarding interior colors. This meeting will last up to 60 minutes and the fee is CAD200, payable at the beginning of the meeting. This cost will be deducted from the design fee if you wish to proceed with our full-Color Consultation process. Then we will send you our design agreement and fee proposal which you need to approve or decline.


Upon your approval, we will need you to provide us payment of the design fee in full along with your room measurements (because it's a color consultation, precise measurements are not required), photos of items that you want to keep, a list of new items that you want to purchase and inspiration images of interiors that you absolutely love.


The average time-frame for design is 2 to 3 weeks per room. We will present you with a design package which includes:


  • Because proportions matter the most in color palette design, we offer 3D renderings to visualize the design and to guarantee all colors are carefully chosen and proportionally applied.

  • 2 to 3 different color schemes applied to 3D renderings with similar furniture layout;

  • Upon your choice of color scheme, we work on selecting finishes accordingly;

  • A virtual sample board and a schedule of paint color codes, wallpaper, flooring, fabrics for window coverings and furniture (if needed), etc, with recommended vendors for you to shop on your own;

  • We also provide designer notes and additional suggestions.


Our Color Consultation fee is between CAD1000 and CAD3000 per room.