• Wei Shen

Do I need an interior designer? You don't unless you have any of these 5 needs.

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

As a designer, I agree that it is very hard and it takes time to understand the value of a good interior designer. I am saying so because I myself find from time to time what I understood about design 20 years ago when I pursued my architectural study at university was not even a fraction of what I do now.

It can be much trickier than it seems, to create a cohesive look while maintaining a unique style which reflects your personal experience and taste, without compromising the essential function of your space. This is a basic guideline to check if you want a designer.

Energetic living room design

How to find the right and comfortable proportion of color and texture is tougher than you think. Image from

That's because hiring an interior designer is not for everyone.

I have summarized 5 major reasons why you should hire an interior designer for people who really want to bring their living experience to another level:

Save money in the long run

  • To avoid impulsive purchases. It is hard almost for everyone, when seeing a piece of vintage furniture which you were dreaming of for long but getting nowhere to find one, to resist from taking it back home right away. However, the function and style may not suit your home and your real needs. Generally speaking, non-designers don't have a good sense of space;

  • To avoid wrong purchases caused by pitfalls of trends. Sales pitches are everywhere with the appealing yet tricky word "trendy". Trends are something that is meant to change shortly, rarely can some stay as classic and timeless. The only advantage of trends to me is that certain types of products are more accessible. That's it. You may not really enjoy them;

  • To avoid cheaper choices that cost less upfront but need replacement much sooner. Yes, a lower price tag is really a big drive for making up our minds. But do you remember when choosing between a nice lounge chair of $800 and a much nicer one of $1500 which made your heart sing, you went for the former one because it suited your budget better, just to find out two months after that you were really in love with the latter one and that you definitely had that budget for it? Now the first purchase became a pickle, either to sell for a much lower price or to keep and make you regret every day.

  • I am not saying that the more expensive ones are always better choices, you get what I mean, right? Experienced designers have seen this enough to know when to insist on the right one.

Elegant living space design

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Broaden your horizons

  • You may renovate or decorate your home a handful of times in your lifetime while interior designers are doing this all through their lives. They definitely have seen and studied much more different cases and understand better the pros and cons of each possibility;

  • Designers' experiences and insights open a door to much greater options of living style possibilities that you have never thought about;

  • Most clients are inclined to what they have seen before which can be quite limited, a good designer is there to help think outside the box;

  • People may live in a very poorly designed space for a long time without noticing the potential of improvements until a good designer points it out. The quality of living space can profoundly affect your mentality, therefore, life quality.

Education does make a difference

  • Putting things together in a natural and beautiful way takes proper education, experience, and talent. It's much more than collecting beautiful pictures from Pinterest;

  • If you want to bring your home to an extraordinary level, the designer’s talent is a must;

  • Most clients without art or design background usually tend to focus on particles instead of the big picture, hence being unable to envision the actual 3-dimensional space. In fact, it takes designers years of training to get there;

  • Designers may not have known you very well in the beginning, but a good one gets to know quickly where your problems lay while working with you. Designers were trained to find out how to dig the potential of your place.

Why you should hire an interior designer

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