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Principal Designer


Wei Shen is the owner and principal designer of ShenweiDesign. She started her design career as an architect since her graduation from the South China University of Technology in 2004. She has worked on various architectural and interior projects including institutional, commercial, hospitality and residential projects, located in Montreal, China, and the US.


Wei believes that interior design is not solely a product of reason. In addition to functional and practical considerations, there are emotions and narrations as well as something we find agreeable but hard to identify, something that gives space a quality which enriches our life and consequently evokes a sense of belongings. It is also a platform that serves to interpret the details as an overall view of the person who lives in it, and who chose that particular design. 

She also believes that each client deserves a space tailored to their own needs. A designer is not a ''taxi'' driver who brings clients to the destination which is already clear in their mind. A designer is neither an artist who just draws out the clients' ideas in a beautiful way. An interior designer has this mission of helping clients discover more possibilities which may bring their experience to another level. 


Wei and her teamwork in collaboration with trustful contractors and trade people. Our mission is to help our clients with their projects from concept to completion while maintaining a unique style and high level of craftsmanship. Check out our service here.

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