Initial Inquiry

After the first conversation over the phone or through emails, we will analyze your project and send you a new client packet which includes a standard contract along with frequently asked questions and fee schedules, a detailed client questionnaire, and a budget worksheet. The packet is for you to get a more solid idea of how we proceed with the service. It also helps reduce both of our potential misunderstandings significantly and facilitates our collaboration from the very beginning. You will have enough time to read it through and be able to provide more information in detail for us to start the work.



Should you decide to proceed, the consultation meeting is where we discuss the renovation process in general and most importantly determine the scope of work. We meet with you on your project site to get an idea of your lifestyle, preference, budget, and timeline which are essentially based on the client packet you received after the initial inquiry. It also allows us to determine if we are a good designer-client fit. After this consultation, we will be able to prepare and send you a scope of work document for your review and approval. This consultation will last 90 minutes maximum and the fee is $250, payable at the beginning of the meeting. This cost will be deducted from the design fee if we are engaged in your project.


Fee Proposal and Design Agreement

This document includes our fee schedule and design agreement which are drafted based on the approved scope of work after the consultation and subsequent meetings with the contractor. Since each project is unique, our fee schedule is different from project to project and clearly outlines the detailed scope of work and billing methods. It can be a flat fee or an hourly fee, or a combination of the two, all depending on the type of project and scope of work. The design agreement outlines the responsibilities of both the Client and ShenweiDesign.


Design Phase

Upon receipt of the first scheduled fee as a deposit, the real work starts. We go to your project site and take measurements. Then we begin the design process by drafting the existing space into AutoCAD documents.


Before designing anything, we will help you narrow down the design direction by presenting you mood boards which are made based on the information we gathered from the initial consultation and extensive research accordingly. With your approval, we will be able to align our design vision with your expectations and eliminate ideas which are not to your liking.


The general design process will include drafting all AutoCAD documents (plans, elevations, customized furniture details), 3D visualizing, as well as material and FF&E (furniture, fixture & equipment) selections. Each document will require your approval.


Budget Control and Adjustment

Knowing a precise and accurate budget is sometimes hard for clients. For those who can give a strict budget, we will work within the budget. When making design decisions, we always take into account that the cost of selections suits into the budget while maintaining the expected quality. For those who don’t really know how much they should spend, we will propose our design first and then adjust according to your expectations.


If what’s in your mind is not quite realistic for your budget, we will try to make this clear to you as early as possible.



ShenweiDesign remains in close contact with our general contractor, cabinet maker, plumber, floor/wallpaper installer, etc. so that each is aware of the design and is on schedule. We will visit the site on a regular basis during the construction phase to answer questions and supervise installations, as well as minimize the impact of any unforeseen problems.


Purchasing and Project Management

Our goal is to bring the project to the highest level of completion within your desired timeframe and within the budget that was approved along with the design process. In order to achieve that, deliveries and installations will be handled by us. But we will also be happy to work with your preferable team.


We are proud of our transparent pricing system. As a design firm, we receive trade discounts on most products and we happily pass all those discounts onto our clients. At purchasing stage, we charge a procurement & project management fee which is a percentage of the product cost. Before placing the order, we send you a proposal of selected items which shows exactly how much we are going to pay the vendors. We will also send you a copy of all original bills. We want you to have a peace of mind that our team is always working for your best interest.


Once you have approved our design proposals, we will ask you for a deposit for all items that need to be purchased by us, based on the proposed prices. We will place orders from our suppliers on your behalf. Sometimes the proposed price from suppliers has an expiring date, so we highly encourage that you pay the deposit within 7 days upon receipt of the proposal.


Given the feature of manufacturing industry, for instance, customized furniture from abroad and back orders, this process can last anywhere from one month to more than one year.


Final Reveal

Here comes what all hard work is for - the magic unfold and your ultimate satisfaction.


Excited about this adventure ahead? Please contact us here.

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