Interior Design Q&A

Our Interior Design Q&A session is a quick design consultation (45 minutes) that is done via e-mail only (no phone calls or skype), to answer specific questions or address a specific problem you have with your interior space.


This Q&A session only addresses problems of interior design aspects and it does not cover questions about landscape design, structure, construction, as well as any mechanical problems.

While I cannot design your entire room within 45 minutes, I will definitely be able to give you the direction and solutions you need, regarding the issue that you are having.

In order for me to provide the best advice possible, after purchasing this service, you need to send me up to 4 questions and up to 6 photos of your area of concern, with some shots from a distance, and others close-up if necessary, attached to your email. 

Please keep in mind that no contractors would be recommended through this service.

Important notes:

Please try to be as concise and specific with your questions as possible. If it takes you an hour to write all of it up, then chances are it will take me half an hour to go through it all and figure out what you want to know. That doesn't leave me much time to do the creative thinking part of this and answer your questions properly.


If that is the case, then this Q&A service is not really for you at this time. You would better consider a custom consultation here. 


Our Interior Design Q&A fee is CA$250.