Interior Full-service Fee Explanation

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Initial Meeting Fee

We begin with your email request about your project ( We will answer back with a few questions about your project. After a brief phone call, you can choose to book our first get-to-know-you meeting. This appointment has a cost of CA$250 for an approximate 60 minutes to 90 minutes visit, payable at the beginning of the meeting.


Flat Fee

I propose flat fees where I feel like they are appropriate. After our initial meeting in your home or on the project site, I determine the way to bill for your project and that will be detailed in the Design Agreement. I usually propose a hybrid type of Agreements if there are questions about the parameters of the scope.

A flat fee is mainly for the schematic design phase where the scope of work is clearly outlined in the Design Agreement. It would still be based on an hourly rate of CA$125 and an estimate of time planned to spend on completing the schematic design, which will be stated in the Design Agreement.


Hourly Charge

All project management will be charged at an hourly rate. Added scope of work by you to the originally outlined scope of work is also charged at the same hourly rate. 


The hourly rate of interior design services is CA$125. Design fees generally include:

  • Programming - verifying site and project parameters in detail

  • Research and digital mood boards

  • Schematic design presentation

  • Client meetings as required for the project

  • Documentation of the design with drawings, general notes, and specifications

  • Sourcing

  • Visiting trade people/stores

  • Communications with the Client through any type of media


The hourly rate of traveling to the trades (contractors, workshops, and stores) and site visit is CA$65. After a construction project is started, site visits are always done by the hour. Once a week is usually typical to help us keep tabs on things with a good contractor managing your job. We strongly encourage you to keep us involved this way, as that is the best way to ensure the integrity of the design is achieved. 


Hourly charges will be invoiced to you at each Client meeting or monthly (whichever occurs first).

Procurement Fee

When you let us handle the procurement, we charge in a cost-plus approach. Here is how: 


We apply all available trade discounts when purchasing items for you. Based on our purchasing cost, we charge 20% as the procurement & project management fee. In this case, we will be handling ordering and receiving. If any return or exchange happens because you change your mind, we will be handling it with an hourly charge of CA$125.


Before placing the order, we will send you a proposal of selected items which shows our purchasing cost and the 20% fee. 


Once you have approved our selection, we will ask you for a 100% deposit of the proposed price. Then we will place orders from our suppliers on your behalf.

However we offer the purchasing service, you can still choose to do it yourself as long as you respect our product specifications which aim to keep the project's integrity and to guarantee a satisfying result.