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ShenweiDesign is a full-service interior design firm in Montreal. Defined by care and authenticity, we listen to your needs and work on the best solutions for your project. We’re specialized in creating beautiful spaces that provide a dynamic canvas for your evolving tastes and whims.

We work in collaboration with trustworthy contractors and trade people. Our mission is to help clients with their projects from concept to completion while maintaining a unique style and high level of craftsmanship.


We strive to personalize each project with an evocative spirit that delights your life. Learn more.

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Luxury Bathroom Design-Shenwei Design
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We appreciate clients who believe that design and art matter...


When buying a house, we consider investment in terms of financial returns, which is totally sound...Upon everything is settled, how about thinking of investing in ourselves? For instance, increasing our own level of enjoyment while spending a good amount of time at home every day? 


A mindfully designed living space by a well-trained architect would maximize your experience. Because it's not just about surface decors, it's fundamentally more about potential space performances.


Adding value to your spatial experience for the upcoming years or decades is our ultimate goal.